shield_150x142The brand Immensi offers a lifestyle experience for people who want to make the most of their lives. Individuals who are achieving excellence –or have a clear roadmap how to achieve their goals. Great persons who are living up to the Italian expression: Fare bene e fare del bene. Immensi offers the lifestyle experience that suit the immense personalities.

Products are developed with great passion for quality, craftsmanship and heritage to the traditional tailors. Our products stand out for their variety of details and are distinctive with a modern twist.




Immensi Clothing® was established in 2011 by Thomas Yorke. During his studies and early career Yorke met many interesting people. Individuals with different backgrounds but all passionate about what they are doing. People who are trying to achieve excellence in various ways, each with their own vision. Sometimes things did not work out as they had expected but they are always making the best of the situation adapting to changing environments.

Inspired by these great persons and personalities Yorke found his great passion. Creating a lifestyle experience for these people. A lifestyle brand with a range of fashionable products of high quality and passion for heritage and craftsmanship. Immensi was founded.